Thursday, 26 May 2011

grade AAA perfumes

Armani Code / Giorgio Armani / EDP / 100ml / Women
RM 60.00
H 1005

Can Can / Paris Hilton / EDP / 100ml / Women
RM 60.00
H 1006

CH 212 / Carolina Herrera / EDT / 100ml / Men
RM 60.00
H 1007

** t&c applies

Monday, 23 May 2011

thai silk

 harga : RM 65.00
kod : H 1003

harga : RM 65.00
kod : H 1004

 ~ harga kain dah termasuk harga penghantaran 
** t&c applies

Sunday, 22 May 2011

fish collagen

arahan :
~ untuk minum : campurkan 1 sudu teh ke dalam minuman.. lagi bagus kalau dicampurkan dengan susu.. minum 1 hari sekali

~ untuk dijadikan facial mask : campurkan 1-2 sudu teh ngan air dan sapu ke muka.. biarkan kering dan bilas muka dengan air.. kalau boleh sebelum tu basuh muka dengan pencuci muka

harga : RM 30.00 sebotol (25gram)
kod : H 1002 

** t&c applies

Friday, 20 May 2011

fish collagen

pure fish collagen is a water-soluble protein that is that product of enzyme catalyzed of gelatin.. collagen is extensively applied in food, medicine, daily chemical industry, textile, printing, papermaking and etc..

food additives

many studies have indicated that collagen has beneficial effect to the bone.. collagen can be absorbed readily by human skeleton, enhance calcium deposit to the bone.. therefore, collagen can be added into food for children and elderly who are in greater need of calcium.. along with higher living standard, more and more people are having diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.. studies show that collagen can ameliorate blood circulation.. when food is taken with collagen and also pectin or wheat bran, triglyceride and cholesterol in blood can be gradually reduced.. these food are beneficial to patients who are overweight or have artery sclerosis

cosmetics : skin repairing

collagen is small peptide, can reach the layer under skin, nourish collagen of underskin, increase collagen activation, keep moisture in cells and integrality of fibrin structure, adjust the living environment of skin cell, improve the metabolism of skin tissue, prevent the formation of wrinkles and repair the existing wrinkle.. with the progress of biotechnology in recent years, the medicinal injectable collage is becoming more and more widely used in cosmetic surgery

cosmetics : moisture keeping

there are many polar amino, hydroxyl and carboxyl groups in collagen.. these are hydrophilic and help to keep moisture, maintain water-oil balance, make skin moisturized and soft, keep it youthful and from aging

cosmetics : hair nourishing

hair is made of collagen can control the thickness, elasticity and moisture of hair.. when the collagen is lacking.. hair will be dry, rot, bifurcate and lackluster.. if you want healthy hair, you should have supplement collagen.. collagen can form a thin film on hair surface and nourish the hair follicle organization to make the hair soft and shiny

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

jun gong detox foot patch

detox foot patch ada 10 pcs dalam 1 pack.. tapi korang boleh order kuantiti yang korang nak dan kami akan repack mengikut order..

tapi minimum order 10 pcs ye..

kod : H 1001

1 pc - 50 pcs
~ 1 pc = RM 1.20
~ 10 pcs = RM 12.00

50 pcs – 100 pcs
~ 1 pc = RM 1.00
~ 10 pcs = RM 10.00

SPECIAL PACK (max 2 packs per order)

1 WEEK PACK = RM 16.00
(14 pcs / 7 pasang)

** t&c applies

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

jun gong detox foot patch

what is detox foot patch?

a natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, toxins and wastes.. detoxify your body today, to potentially regain your health and vitality by promoting a strong immune system and healthy lymphatic functions naturally while you sleep..

jun gong detox foot patch ingredients

~ bamboo vinegar extract
~ wood vinegar extract
~ vitamin c
~ loquat leaf
~ chitosan
~ tourmaline
~ cornstarch


~ remove toxins & body wastes
~ improve blood circulation
~ improve sleep quality
~ sleep better
~ metabolism
~ sell activation
~ prevent constipation
~ prevent smelly foot
~ improve skin condition
~ relieve high blood pressure
~ relieve stress
~ reduce depression
~ helps in backache / back pain


~ wash and dry your feet
~ remove sticker
~ stick the pad on the sticker.. ensure the white part of the pad facing up
~ place and stick the sticker to your feet
~ duration – minimum 4 hours : maximum 8 hours

Saturday, 14 May 2011

salam & hi

salam & hi

HUNNYBEEZ (HB) is a home based business.. HB is operating from Rawang, Selangor.. HB offers you all sorts of product for example foot patches, bags, clothings and etc..

will update this page from time to time and for those who are interested do contact us directly..
happy viewing & have a nice day :)